Vinothek Riesling 2000


Vinothek Riesling 2000


Riesling 100%
weiß, trocken
12,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2015–2030
Verpackt in: 6er OHK
exotisch & aromatisch
Lobenberg: 100/100
Suckling: 99/100
Galloni: 97/100
Österreich, Wachau
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Vinothek Riesling 2000


Lobenberg: Im Nikolaihof werden die allerbesten Trauben im Holzfass ausgebaut und nach rund 16 jähriger Verweildauer im Fass auf die Flasche gezogen. Das nennt sich dann Vinothek und ist einer der größten Weine der Wachau und Österreichs. Der 2000er Vinotheksriesling ist faktisch ein Smaragd und verbrachte 15,5 Jahre im 3.500 Liter-Fass. Und riecht man dann am ersten Glas, so traut man ihm sicher weitere 15 Jahre Flaschenreife zu. Denn das riecht so jung und vital, dass man in keiner Blindprobe jemals das Alter dieses Weins erraten würde. Das Bouquet ist fast schon schüchtern und puristisch. Ich habe hier eine gewisse Würzigkeit in Form von Kräutern und frischem Tabak. Dann Oolong-Tee, etwas reife Aprikose und Mirabelle. Am Gaumen hat er eine zupackende Gerbstoffstruktur, die ihm Stoffigkeit und Biss gibt. Sehr würzig, ätherisch und tief in der ganzen Aromatik. So schmeckt also Gran Reserva von der Wachau. 100/100


Suckling über: Vinothek Riesling

-- Suckling: Welcome to the riesling deep end! Try to climb out if you can, but I don't want to! Although this is almost 20 years old there's a kaleidoscope of dried fruit aromas which also make this one of the world's most amazing dry white wines. An austere, but enormously intense, dry finish that words can't easily describe. 99/100


Galloni über: Vinothek Riesling

-- Galloni: Here is another Nikolaihof offering that I was given a rare opportunity to taste prior to bottling. But perhaps the Saahs family will rethink their generosity with sneak previews, given that I now feel compelled to publish a substantially updated tasting note to reflect the significantly more impressive showing delivered by this wine a year after its late summer 2016 bottling. As before, the nose is head-turningly complex, offering black tea and Latakia tobacco smokiness, coriander-seed pungency, high-toned pistachio extract, intimations of red currant, lime and white peach and a remarkable array of mineral and animal intimations: sea breeze, sweat, wet stone, oyster liquor and mussel stock. What I earlier described as a “silken and expansive yet buoyant palate” has taken on an almost custardy richness. Yet the accompanying juicy brightness of fruit – now including a tang of fresh ripe tomato – has by no means diminished in animation, intensity or sheer refreshment. The vibrant finish tugs at one’s salivary glands with suggestions of urchin roe and shellfish stock while delivering a kaleidoscope of herbal, mineral and fruity diversity. 97/100

Parker über: Vinothek Riesling

-- Parker: Bottled after almost 16 years on the lees (bottling was in June 2016), the 2000 Riesling Vinothek from the Nikolaihof is neither based on power nor on richness but reveals a subtle and filigreed character with a good and complex finish. The wine opens with a clear, deep, intense yet pure and fresh nose where botrytis flavors intermix with earthy/leafy as well as spicy/herbal flavors. Sourced in the Vom Stein vineyard in Mautern (Wachau), this is a highly finessed, vital and eternally youthful Riesling with grip, tension and a long, complex finish. This is a deliciously textured Riesling that develops with time in the glass. It is easy to underrate but a delicacy for those who can read between the lines. The same wine from a bottle that was opened several days before showed an intense and mineral nose that led to a ripe, rich and intense palate with very fine tannins, grip and minerals and an aromatic finish with lingering tension and salinity. The 2000 seems still young and is stunningly pure and finessed given this warm vintage that produced so many heavy, opulent wines that are far over the top today. This Vinothek is a very rare exception. Bottled with 12.5% alcohol. 93/100

Mein Winzer


Der Nikolaihof ist zwar das älteste Weingut Österreichs – in der Wachau ist man aber ob des Stils führend, sozusagen die gefragteste Generation. Der 22 Hektar kleine Nikolaihof ist in jedem Sinn speziell und einzigartig. [...]