HT Nr. 1 Homonna Attila: Tokaj Peres - Ungarn 2016

Moric Hidden Treasures

HT Nr. 1 Homonna Attila: Tokaj Peres - Ungarn 2016

Furmint 100%
Lobenberg 95/100
13,0% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2018–2030
Verpackt in: 6er
Österreich, Burgenland
Allergene: Sulfite,


Abfüller / Importeur: Moric, Kirchengasse 3, 7051 Grosshöflein, ÖSTERREICH

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Winzer über:HT Nr. 1 Homonna Attila: Tokaj Peres - Ungarn 2016

-- Winzer: Winzer: Single Vineyard, Peres in the village Erdöbenye, situated in an average of 300 m high above sea level and facing south – southwest. The soil consists of decomposed rhyolite with kaolin. Homonna - It was also the time (1999) when Attila Homonna set his little enterprise up in the village of Erdöbénye. His curious ever searching nature made him to leave behind the world of marketing and advertising for producing wine. Naturally, he was among the pioneers of producing serious dry wines from the onset and has been laying focus on the dry wine production ever since. Geography/Geology - The Tokaj wine region situated on the northeastern part of Hungary at the south – southeastern foothills of the Zemplén Mountain. This 500-700 m high mountain range protects the vineyards from the cold northern wind, while they are directly exposed to the south, where the great plain starts and gives way to the warm continental air flow. River Bodrog and Hernád are also playing a major climatic role by providing a good balancing effect. The main geologic formation of this region took place between 15 and 10 million years ago leaving behind more than 400 hundred volcanic hills layer upon layer. The result is a great diversity of different soil types. Volcanic stones like Andesite, Rhyolite, Zeolite and Dacite, its tuffs and decomposed forms can be most commonly found in the vineyards covered or mixed with clay and loess. - History - Tokaj owes his worldwide reputation to its sweet wine production. At the heyday of Tokaji Aszú in the 18th-19th century it used to be among the most sought after and expensive delights the wine world could offer. After the dark decades of 20th century ragged with World Wars and the introduction of cooperative cellars under the communist rule, not only the former fame of the region has faded but also the local know-how and memory has almost ceased to exist. The collapse of communism gave way in the early 90’s for foreign investments and privatization. Once famous vineyards were renovated and high standard cellars were built in order to try to reproduce the famed sweet wines of Tokaj. With the 21th century a new movement has started in search for serious dry wines made of Furmint and Hárslevelü.

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Moric Hidden Treasures

Zuerst war es vor allem die Faszination zum Land in dem ich geboren und aufgewachsen bin. Allerdings war es eine Begeisterung auf Raten; eine Begeisterung der es sich anzunähern galt; eine Begeisterung die auf dem Trotz und der Rebellion eines adoleszent Verwirrten heranwuchs. [...]

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