Gelber Traminer Loibner Beerenauslese (fruchtsüß) 2015

Emmerich Knoll

Gelber Traminer Loibner Beerenauslese (fruchtsüß) 2015


Gelber Traminer 100%
weiß, süss
13,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2017–2043
Verpackt in: 6er
sehr süss
exotisch & aromatisch
Lobenberg: 94–95/100
Galloni: 93–94/100
Österreich, Wachau
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Gelber Traminer Loibner Beerenauslese (fruchtsüß) 2015


Lobenberg: Erstaunlich helöles Gelbgrün mit eher silbernen Reflexen. Rosenblätter unter rauchiger Würze, Blütenhonig. Langer Nachhall in würziger, erdiger Mineralität. So ganz anders als die BA aus dem Gelben Muskateller. 94-95/100


Galloni über: Gelber Traminer Loibner Beerenauslese (fruchtsüß)

-- Galloni: “This was picked in the last two hours of the last day of harvest, a Friday the 13th,” reported Knoll senior, “when had begun asking ourselves, ‘Will we finally be able to finish up?’ “ Five weeks earlier, when we picked the Smaragd, we had left this one parcel hanging. But this late, a good third of the fruit was still botrytis-free.” Musk, bacon, rose water, candied ginger, lychee and honey rise from the glass, and the honeyed aspect is supported by an expansive, glycerol-rich, judiciously sweet palate impression. Rose petal perfume wafts all the way through a wonderfully persistent and vibratory finish, to which crystallized ginger and candied lime peel lend invigoration while salinity adds mouthwatering appeal such as was missing from the corresponding Smaragd. Here is the Knolls’ rare yellow variant of Traminer demonstrating a talent for animation that its more familiar cousins can’t approach, and which was no doubt conveyed in large part by the share of healthy fruit that he mentioned having been concentrated by wind desiccation. 93-94/100

Mein Winzer

Emmerich Knoll

Unter den Weingärten Österreichs nimmt die Wachau eine Sonderstellung ein. Nirgendwo sonst präsentiert sich der Weinbau als ähnlich spektakuläre Kulturlandschaft mit atemberaubenden Steilterrassen direkt an der »schönen, blauen Donau«.