Weinpaket: Chateau Yquem 1er Cru Superieur (je 3 Flaschen 2009 und 2015) (fruchtsüß) (6 Flaschen)

leicht süss
exotisch & aromatisch
Semillon, Sauvignon blanc
Verpackt in: 6er OHK
Lobenberg: 100/100
Parker: 100/100
Weinwisser: 20/20
Falstaff: 100/100
Wine Cellar Insider: 99–100/100
Winespectator: 98/100
Frankreich, Bordeaux, Sauternes
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Weinpaket: Chateau Yquem 1er Cru Superieur (je 3 Flaschen 2009 und 2015) (fruchtsüß) (6 Flaschen)


Lobenberg: Je 3 Flaschen der zwei besten Jahrgänge der Neuzeit, 2009 und 2015, in einer Sammlerkiste aus der Chateaureserve erst 2020 zusammengestellt.


Parker über: Weinpaket: Chateau Yquem 1er Cru Superieur (je 3 Flaschen 2009 und 2015) (fruchtsüß) (6 Flaschen)

-- Parker: 2009: Pale to medium gold colored, the 2009 d'Yquem bursts from the glass with gregarious crème caramel, allspice, dried apricots, mandarin peel and pineapple upside down cake scents plus a fragrant undercurrent of fungi, acacia honey, candied ginger, musk perfume and frangipani. Full-bodied and full-on hedonic in the mouth, the rich, tightly wound layers are still amazingly youthful with bags of citrus sparks and an incredibly long, perfumed finish. Possessing a residual sugar of 157 grams per liter and 13.6% alcohol as well as a laser-focused line of freshness, the rock-solid structure and through-the-roof opulence here is simply mind blowing. Pure perfection. 100/100 2015:Following a very long harvest stretching nearly two months, the 2015 Château d'Yquem came in at 13.9% alcohol and 144 grams per liter of residual sugar, sporting a pH of 3.65 and six grams per liter of tartaric acid. None of these numbers, however, even remotely begin to tell you how profound this wine is. The nose opens with electric notes of ripe pineapples, green mango, orange blossoms and lemon tart with hints of fungi, lime zest, crushed rocks and jasmine. The freshness on the palate is just astonishing, permeating and lifting layer upon layer of tropical fruits and earthy notions, all encased in a sumptuous texture and culminating in a very, very long, mineral-tinged finish. Truly, this is a legendary vintage for d'Yquem. I've been conservative with my drinking window here, and I would not be at all surprised if our descendants are drinking this vintage well into the next century. 100/100


Weinwisser über: Weinpaket: Chateau Yquem 1er Cru Superieur (je 3 Flaschen 2009 und 2015) (fruchtsüß) (6 Flaschen)

-- Weinwisser: 2009: Mittleres Gelb mit lindengrüne Nuancen, leuchtend. Noch selten gab es bei einer Fassprobe Yquem eine derartige Frische zu bestraunen! Der 2009er duftet im ersten Ansatz wie ein pfeffriger Barsac, zeigt schöne Agrumennoten, frisch gekochte gelbe Aprikosen und Mirabellen, wird immer dichter und süsser und bündelt sich. Am Gaumen sublim, komplex und trotz des wuchtigen, schon fast öligen Körpers doch irgendwie tänzerisch, im Finale Reineclauden, gelbe Pflaumen, Akazienhonig und im mit rosa Grapefruit und Dörrparkosen ausgestatteten Finale fast an einen Late-Harvest-Viognier erinnernd. 20/20 2015: Mitteldunkles Gelb, somit recht intensiv, leuchtender Rand. Ein Cocktail von Mirabellen und Aprikosen, vermischt mit einer besonders vielschichtigen, feinpfeffrigen Botrytis, die sich im reichen Nasenbild zeigt. Im Gaumen ist er einerseits sehr frisch, aber auch opulent und unglaublich cremig. Dieser Nektar ist so geschmeidig, dass man kaum glauben kann, dass es sich hier um eine Fassprobe handelt. Das Finale ist gebündelt und endlos lang. Der Restzuckergehalt beträgt 140 Gramm. Natürlich ist jeder Yquem ein Unikat. Wenn man Vergleiche anstellen müsste, so käme mir ein Blend der Jahrgänge 1990, 2001 und 2009 in den Sinn. 20/20


Wine Cellar Insider über: Weinpaket: Chateau Yquem 1er Cru Superieur (je 3 Flaschen 2009 und 2015) (fruchtsüß) (6 Flaschen)

-- Wine Cellar Insider: 2009: Still just a baby as you would expect, yet it is impossible not to be blown by the juxtaposition between the insanely concentrated levels of ripe and over ripe, honey drenched tropical fruit and the bracing acidity that gives the wine life. Everything here is off the hook. This is so good today, I wish I had a bottle tonight. But if I had the wine in my cellar, as tempting as it might be, I'd wait at least 1 more decade, or better yet, 2 before I started thinking about popping a cork. 99/100 2010: Stunning in every sense of the word, the wine has an incredible level of sweetness; concentration of flavor, acidity and sweet honeyed, perfectly ripe and overripe tropical fruits. It is almost too much of a good thing. Note, I said almost! Yet, everything is in an amazing sense of balance and harmony. The finish must stay with you for at least 60 seconds or longer. Made from blending 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon, the wine reached 13.9% alcohol with a pH of 3.65 pH. The wine is incredibly sweet with 144 grams per liter of sugar, but this is all kept in check due to the 6.2 grams per liter of total acidities. The harvest took place from September 3, to October 21. They took 4 passes through the vineyards this year 99-100/100

Wine Spectator über: Weinpaket: Chateau Yquem 1er Cru Superieur (je 3 Flaschen 2009 und 2015) (fruchtsüß) (6 Flaschen)

-- Wine Spectator: Dense and unctuous, but with lacy detail already showing along the edges, as light toasty hazelnut and piecrust notes lead the way for creamed melon, mango and pineapple flavors, with hints of green plum and honeysuckle. There's mouthwatering drive on the finish, which drips with a rosehip honey note that keeps pulling you back. Stunning. Best from 2020 through 2055. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 98/100 2015:Fresh-cut orange, peach and nectarine notes lead the way, followed by lightly singed almond and warm piecrust notes. Then another wave of green fig, warmed pear and coconut takes over on the finish. Rich and honeyed in feel, with obvious power, balanced by an energy in the inner core that should help this cruise in the cellar for some time. Best from 2020 through 2050. 98/100

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