Chateau Petrus 1989

pikant & würzig
Merlot 100%
13,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2001–2048
Verpackt in: /
Lobenberg: 100/100
Parker: 100/100
Galloni: 100/100
Wine Cellar Insider: 100/100
Frankreich, Bordeaux, Pomerol
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Parker über: Chateau Petrus

-- Parker: This wine is more tightly knit, more tannic, but every bit the blockbuster concentrated effort that its younger sibling, the 1990, is. It seems to need more coaxing from the glass, but the color is virtually identical, a dense ruby/purple with no lightening at the edge. In the mouth the wine cuts a broad swath, with spectacular intensity, richness, massive concentration, and high levels of tannin, yet the wine is fabulously well-delineated and like its sibling, the 1990, has a finish that goes on for nearly a minute. It does not seem to be quite as evolved as the 1990, and my instincts suggest there is a bit more tannin, but both are as prodigious as Petrus can be. 100/100


Galloni über: Chateau Petrus

-- Galloni: The 1989 Petrus is consistent with previous bottles in the sense that it represents the apotheosis of not only the vineyard, but of Pomerol itself. It still provides that almost surreal cornucopia of aromas, red fruit melted with tar, tobacco, hints of camphor and ash, all delivered with astonishing precision. The palate is perfectly balanced, intense yet paradoxically weightless. This example is one of the finest I have encountered in terms of clarity and precision. Ethereal. If you want to taste a genuine 100-point wine then step this way. Magnificent! Tasted (Jul 2020) at the Petrus dinner at Hide restaurant in London and at Epure restaurant in Hong Kong. 100/100


Wine Cellar Insider über: Chateau Petrus

-- Wine Cellar Insider: OMG!!! That's Oh My God for any newbie reading my notes for the first time. This is the real deal and a great example of why the world's wealthiest collectors buy Petrus. Served blind, it was mind blowing from the first swirl and sniff. The complex aromatics lifted off with their smoke filled tones, coupled with fresh black cherry, truffle, cocoa powder and smells of middle earth. OK, I admit, I am not quite sure what middle earth smells like, but the earthy aromas here were so complex, I am not sure how else to describe the wine and get you to understand the experience. This stunning tasting experience did not stop here, it got better when the juice slid over my tongue, the roof of my mouth, my teeth and gums and completely coating my palate with sensuous layers of pleasure. Thick, opulent, polished decadence meets purity, balance and harmony. If that is not wine porn, I do not know what else to say. The finish was close to 90 seconds! Note to self, find more rich friends with Petrus in their cellar and be much nicer to my brilliant, charming and Godlike friends that are reading this note, in the hopes they will know I am sincere and share more Petrus with me in the future! 100/100

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Ist Petrus nun der berühmteste Rotwein der Welt? Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach ja. In jedem Fall ist er aber einer der mit der größten Sorgfalt produzierten Weine der Welt. Bis vor kurzem wurde neben dem Merlot auch ein Teil Cabernet Sauvignon angebaut. Jean-François Moueix, der Eigentümer von...

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