Weißwein - Pinot Noir 44%, Chardonnay 37%, Pinot Meunier 19%

Champagne Grande Cuvee Flaschengärung

Champagne Grande Cuvee Flaschengärung

Champagne Grande Cuvee Flaschengärung

Lobenberg 97

Lobenberg: Krug wie immer: Eine perfekt abgestimmte Cuvee. Eleganz und Finesse, zart und doch kraftvoll. 95-97/100

-- Winespectator: This is all about balance and the integration of power and finesse, with finely honed acidity supporting flavors of quince paste, dried black cherry, spun honey and candied orange zest, while rich notes of roasted walnut, coffee liqueur and toasted cardamom resonate on the finish. Hard to stop sipping. Drink now through 2028. 97/100

-- Galloni: as one of the most profound and also perplexing Champagnes in Krug's history. The wine itself, based on the 2009 vintage, is positively stellar. Sensual and powerful, yet with terrific freshness for the year, the 165 is a total knock out. Bright citrus, floral smoke and mineral notes add freshness, tension and energy throughout. It is hard to believe today, but in 2008/2009 Krug went through a very challenging period. Because of the economic crisis, Krug bottled very little Champagne in what will surely be seen as a very shortsighted business decision, if it isn’t already. Production of the 165 is about 1/12th of normal, or the equivalent of one month’s supply, and Krug did not bottle any vintage Champagne. Consequently, the 165 was shipped to just 4-5 markets, including the Unites States, UK and France. Most countries will never see the 165. Readers who have a chance to buy it should not hesitate, as it is likely to become a collector’s item, along with the 2008. Once again, I am reminded of the many conversations I had at Krug about ten years ago. “No one cares about the base vintage in the Grande Cuvée,” numerous people there told me. That’s when I stopped reviewing the Grande Cuvée. How ironic it is that several recent releases have become precisely so coveted because of the base vintage. It is always a mistake to underestimate the consumer. 96/100

-- Weinwelt: Sehr frisch, Heu, kandierte Zitrusfrüchte, Estragon, am Gaumen die typisch rassige Krug-Frische, kernig. 94/100

-- Parker: Blending 120+ wines and three grape varieties, Krug's deep golden colored NV Grand Cuvée 158ème Édition Brut is based on the glorious 2002 vintage and blended with reserve wines from 14 vintages between 2002 and 1988. It was disgorged in I/2008 (ID 108002), so ten years before I tasted it in April 2018. The nose is incredibly pure, fresh and fine yet complex, with floral, nutty, mocha, brioche, honey and gingerbread notes. Fresh and round on the palate, this is a full, utterly generous yet precise, finessed and highly elegant Grande Cuvée with a firm yet fine grip and a persistent mineral expression in the finish. This is a silky textured high class Champagne that combines generous richness and maturity with purity, finesse and tension. The citrus-flavored finish reveals great complexity and length and makes the 158ème Édition (the first release with the edition number displayed on the bottle) a perfect cuvée for Sunday morning brunch, although there is no need to change the wine for lunch or teatime or for any other day of the week. You just should have some bottles of the 158th edition. 97/100

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0,75 l

Dieser Wein ist limitiert und wird nur an angemeldete Kunden verkauft.

Pinot Noir 44%
Chardonnay 37%
Pinot Meunier 19%
Lobenberg 95-97
Winespectator 97
Parker 97
Galloni 96
Weinwelt 94
12,0% vol.
Verpackt in:
Krug, Frauenthal 8, 20149 Hamburg, DEUTSCHLAND
Barrique, Flaschengärung, Perlend

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Krug ist eines der ältesten, kleinsten und mit Sicherheit teuersten Häuser in der Champagne. Krug ist eines der ältesten, kleinsten und mit Sicherheit teuersten Häuser in der Champagne. […]

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