Champagne Collection 242 Brut

Louis Roederer: Champagne Collection 242 Brut

Zum Winzer

Chardonnay 42%, Pinot Noir 36%, Pinot Meunier 22%
weiß, trocken
12,0% Vol.
Verpackt in: 6er
Lobenberg: 93/100
Suckling: 94/100
Parker: 93+/100
Falstaff: 93+/100
Decanter: 93/100
Tim Atkin: 93/100
Frankreich, Champagne
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Champagne Collection 242 Brut


Lobenberg: Collection 242 steht für die 242. Weinkomposition des Hauses seit seiner Gründung. Hauptsächlich Chardonnay, sowie Pinot Noir und Meunier aus dem Marnetal. Kreiert wird sie aus 34 % der Réserve Perpétuelle und 10 % in Holz ausgebauten Reserveweinen der Jahrgänge 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 und 2016. Vervollständigt wird sie zu 56 % mit dem Besten, was die Weinlese des Jahres 2017 zu bieten hat. 93/100


Suckling über: Champagne Collection 242 Brut

-- Suckling: Aromas of cooked apple, bread dough and lemon tart follow through to a full body with round, delicious fruit and a rich, flavorful finish. Yet, it remains tight and fine with lovely, compressed bubbles. New energy and freshness. Medium-to full-bodied with layers of fruit and vivid intensity. 42% chardonnay, 36% pinot noir and 22% pinot meunier. 8 grams dosage. Four years on the less. A new-format non-vintage that designates the year of the 242nd harvest, 2017, plus reserve wine of 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. 94/100


Parker über: Champagne Collection 242 Brut

-- Parker: 'Roederer's Brut Premier was created in the 1980s to prove to consumers that we could deliver consistent quality with a blend that compensated for less than perfectly ripe vintages,' explains Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon. 'We were blending in pursuit of maturity, of ripeness. The concept behind the Brut Collection is the opposite: we're looking for freshness—and we are embracing singularity, something we're emphasizing by enumerating each year's blend.' This project has been in the making since 2012, when Lecaillon set aside 21,000 liters of wine to constitute a perpetual reserve aged in large tanks without malolactic fermentation. Sourcing has evolved too: less must is coming from cooperatives, and only vineyards cultivated without the use of herbicides inform the blend. A dedicated team oversees all this, visiting every grower three times per year. And vinification is parcel by parcel to deliver a maximum of blending components. Iteration 242 is based on the 2017 vintage (56%), supplemented by 34% reserve wines from the perpetual reserve established in 2012 and 10% foudre-aged reserve wines.So much for the composition and concept of the new NV Brut Collection 242, but how does it taste? This debut release is very impressive indeed, wafting from the glass with notes of pear, peach, ripe citrus fruit, toasted almonds, fresh pastry and white flowers. Medium to full-bodied, pillowy and textural, it's concentrated and layered, with lively acids, an enlivening pinpoint mousse and a long, sapid finish. Brut Premier was already a very persuasive wine, but the new Brut Collection nevertheless represents a step up. 93+/100


Falstaff über: Champagne Collection 242 Brut

-- Falstaff: Mittleres Grüngelb, Messingreflexe, feines, anhaltendes Mousseux. Einladendes weißes Steinobst, Pfirsich, florale Nuancen, unterlegt mit Röstaromen, etwas Nougat, facettenreiches Bukett. Noten von Kernobst, mittlere Komplexität, frisches Säurekleid, mineralisch-salzig im Finish, ein ausgewogener Speisenbegleiter. 93+/100


Decanter über: Champagne Collection 242 Brut

-- Decanter: Softly shimmering straw gold, green tints, with a delicate filigree dancing at will around the glass. The nose is gently authoritative; spring flowers garlanding stone fruit, a hint of hawthorn maybe, then lemongrass. The palate has encyclopaedic depth, the intricacies of the Perpetual Reserve weaving their early magic; almond, sloe, gingerbread and apples; the finish has a pleasing twist of bitterness, courtesy the small percentage of oak-aged reserve wine. Maybe the dosage can come down even further, such is the engaging and subtle complexity harnessed elsewhere? 93/100


Tim Atkin über: Champagne Collection 242 Brut

-- Tim Atkin: 56% 2017 vintage. 42% Chardonnay, 36% Pinot Noir, 22% Pinot Meunier. 12% oakfermentation with 35% perpetual reserve addition. This captures a flattering portraitof 2017 (even if Roederer do not see this as a traditional 'NV' concept with a base year).Vivid apricot and pale honey richness from the reserves on show, with peach kernel fruitand persistent grapefruit oil intensity. A fragrant blossom/fresh grape note is showing, too.There is such coolness and restraint through gliding mousse, once again removing the needfor exaggerated buttery/leesy notes through pure fruit quality and reserve wine intensity.A tapered finish of concentration and poise. 93/100

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Louis Roederer

Bereits Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts kaufte Louis Roederer, entgegen den damaligen Gepflogenheiten, ausgewählte Flächen auf den Böden der Grands Crus der Champagne.

Champagne Collection 242 Brut