Sammlerbox: Keller-Kiste »Von Den Grossen Lagen« (12 Flaschen) 2019


Sammlerbox: Keller-Kiste »Von Den Grossen Lagen« (12 Flaschen) 2019


frische Säure
Riesling 100%
13,0% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2024–2050
Verpackt in: 1er OHK
Lobenberg: 95–100/100
Suckling: 95–100/100
Deutschland, Rheinhessen
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Sammlerbox: Keller-Kiste »Von Den Grossen Lagen« (12 Flaschen) 2019


Lobenberg: Die »Keller-Kiste« ist so etwas wie der heilige Gral der Riesling-Fans. Unfassbar rar und begehrt. Einige Weine sind exklusiv, also nur in dieser Kiste erhältlich. Darunter auch der legendäre Kultriesling G-Max. Es ist also quasi das weiße Pendant zur DRC-Kiste. Die 2019er enthält folgende Weine: Je 2 Flaschen Riesling Frauenberg GG (14,0% vol.), Morstein GG (13,0% vol.), Kirchspiel GG (13,0% vol.), Hubacker GG (13,0% vol.), je 1 Flasche AbtsE GG (13,0% vol.), G-Max (13,0% vol.), Pettenthal Kabinett (9,0% vol.), Hipping Kabinett (9,5% vol.). Alle Weine sind Riesling aus dem Jahrgang 2019.


Suckling über: Sammlerbox: Keller-Kiste »Von Den Grossen Lagen« (12 Flaschen)

-- Suckling: Abtserde GG:Why fret, why worry if you can drink this unbelievable wine? Mind-blowing nose of apricot, fresh pineapple and a thousand spices. Ravishing interplay of fruit, acidity, minerals and so much else that isn't easy to describe in a few measly words. The ultra long finish is so uplifting and utterly joyful. Drink or hold. 100/100G-Max:The perfect introduction to the greatness of the dry rieslings of the Wonnegau sub-region of Rheinhessen. An entire spectrum of yellow fruit, ripe and rich, yet delicate and cool, this has seamless harmony that's very hard to resist. The enormous depth only shows itself at the spectacular, crescendo finish, but even there it's dazzling, bright and clean. Limited production. Drink or hold. 100/100Morstein GG:Weighty with ripe-apricot and chalky character and great tannins, but also with darkness and mystery. This rich, highly structured dry riesling embraces you and doesn't want to let go. A major statement, but still moderate in alcohol and very clean at the super long finish. Drink or hold. 98/100Hipping Kabinett GK:So concentrated and focused that you better watch out it doesn't knock you off your chair! Wonderful stone-fruit aromas that are fully ripe, but packed with 'nuclear' energy. And yes, somewhere in this maelstrom of aroma and flavor is some sweetness. Very piquant freshness at the powerful finish. Drink or hold. 97/100Pettenthal Kabinett GK:Beware! Some people think that Kabinett means a light, fruity piece of vinous fluff, but this one is dangerous! Radical minerality and spice, married to fresh pineapple. Then comes the finish that blows the roof off the house. Drink or hold. 97/100Hubacker GG:Ripe and succulent, this generous dry riesling is so easy to enjoy, but also has so much depth and finesse. Stunning apricot, pineapple and mineral finish. Drink or hold. 97/100Kirchspiel GG:Still waters run deep! Warm and ripe, yet such delicate mirabelle aromas with a ton of herbal overtones. Concentrated and well structured, but also with lovely juiciness. Then comes the long, vibrant and energetic finish that's full of spice. Drink or hold. 96/100Frauenberg GG:A powerful and tightly wound dry riesling with serious concentration, this is still a bit embryonic in the nose with mirabelle, herbal and flinty notes. However, on the palate it already gives a lot of pleasure and the long finish is beautifully supported by the firm tannins and acidity. Drink or hold. 95/100

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