Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial 1986

Marques de Murrieta: Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial 1986


Zum Winzer

Viura 97%, Malvasia 3%
weiß, trocken
13,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2000–2050
Verpackt in: 3er OHK
Lobenberg: 100+/100
Parker: 100/100
Falstaff: 100/100
Galloni: 98/100
Decanter: 97/100
Spanien, Rioja und Navarra
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial 1986


Lobenberg: 1986 ist ein ganz großes Jahr in der Rioja und auch Ribera. Rot und weiß. Der weiße Ygay 86 ist schon lange eine lebende Legende und ein Mythos der Weingeschichte. Über 20 Jahre im Fass. Tondonia Gran Reserva und vielleicht sogar besser. 100+/100


Parker über: Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial

-- Parker: I have been terribly excited about this wine since I first learned that (part of) it was still in cement waiting to be bottled in September 2013. I consider the rare white Castillo Ygay one of the greatest white wines ever produced in Spain, and the 1986 Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial is a great addition to the portfolio of the winery--an historic wine that is coming back to life. I did a vertical tasting of many of the old, historic vintages of this wine, and they are included in a separate article in this very same issue. This 1986 had seen the light as a limited early release bottled in 1992 and sold around 1995, and some bottles might still be found in the market. But most of it remained unbottled and was kept at the winery, where it stayed in oak for 21 years, followed by some six years in cement vats until it was bottled. It has 13.5% alcohol, an extremely low pH of 2.98 and 6.75 grams of acidity (tartaric). It has a very subtle nose and it's a bit shy, a little closed at first. It was only bottled one and a half years ago, and it's not crazy to say that the wine is showing extremely young. The wine shows more open the day after, when it has developed some nuances of mushrooms and verbena tea. This is mostly Viura with perhaps a pinch of Malvasía Riojana (aka Alarije). The palate is both powerful and elegant, with superb acidity and great length, with volume and sharpness, with a mineral, umami-driven finish. It fills your mouth, tickles your taste buds and makes you salivate. There is nothing negative about the wine; there is no excess oak, nothing blurry, nothing to improve... perhaps the bottle used! I think this is a perfect wine. It seems to be getting younger and younger with time in the glass; it seems to be getting more focused and sharper, and I have no doubt the wine will evolve and last for a very, very, very long time in bottle. I kept the opened bottle for almost one week and the wine didn't move one inch--no oxidation or any signs of fatigue. Having tasted many other vintages, including the also perfect 1919 (which is still going strong at age 97), I have no doubt we're talking about a white for the next 50 years. Looking at the older vintages, I might even be underestimating its life span. The potential next release could be the 1998 in no less than ten years' time. 100/100


Galloni über: Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial

-- Galloni: Bright yellow-gold. A hugely complex bouquet evokes dried pear, peach nectar, orange marmalade, honey, marzipan and chamomile, with vanilla and smoky mineral notes in the background. Stains the palate with sappy, deeply concentrated citrus, orchard and pit fruit flavors, plus suggestions of brown butter, shortbread and orange zest. This wine is fully mature but there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Finishes with superb persistence and energy, leaving peach liqueur, buttered toast and honey notes behind, eventually. This is one of the most remarkable white wines that I have ever had, from anywhere. 98/100


Decanter über: Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial

-- Decanter: The Ygay white is a somewhat rare beast, its previous manifestations 1919, 1932, 1940, 1946, 1950, 1962, 1970, probably all still delicious. There is a strong possibility that the 1998 will make the cut too, but we will have to wait quite a while to confirm this. There were a very few cases of this wine from 1986 released relatively early, but the majority was not bottled until 2016, after a mere 252 months in American oak barrels.. The vines are the same as those which also gone into the Capellanía, in this case, however, the Viura is supplemented by 3% of rare old-vine Malvasia. The gold burnish is immediately seductive, a mood enhanced by the haunting complexity of the nose; verbena, truffle, white pepper, mushroom and quince to name but a few outliers. The palate builds upon the encyclopaedic complexity, all the while a shard of whistle-clean acidity running through the piece, perpetually rejuvenating it and underscoring bold symphonic development. It is not entirely fanciful to suggests that the wine is still a touch on the youthful side! 97/100

Mein Winzer

Marques de Murrieta

Marques de Murrieta ist ein Mythos aus La Rioja. 1872 gegründet und jetzt im 21. Jahrhundert mit Tradition und Streben nach Perfektion als einer der Top-Erzeuger längst etabliert.

Castillo Ygay Blanco Gran Reserva Especial 1986