Las Suertes (ehemals El Ciruelo) 2020

Suertes del Marques

Las Suertes (ehemals El Ciruelo) 2020

seidig & aromatisch
Listan Negro 100%
13,0% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2024–2040
Verpackt in: 6er
Lobenberg: 96+/100
Parker: 96+/100
Spanien, Kanaren, Teneriffa
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Parker über: Las Suertes (ehemals El Ciruelo)

-- Parker: The second vintage of the single-vineyard Listán Negro from El Ciruelo is under its new commercial name, the 2020 Las Suertes. From a centenary cordón trenzado vineyard, this fermented with 90% full clusters in concrete without temperature control and indigenous yeasts and macerated for 21 days. It matured in used 500-liter oak barrels for 11 months. It's slightly lower in alcohol (at 12.5%) than the 2019, with a pH of 3.52 and 5.64 grams of acidity. It's a tad fresher. There is great finesse here, as well as complexity and depth and incredible texture from super elegant tannins. It has finesse but structure and bones. It can be drunk, but it should be able to develop in bottle. This is the finest Listán Negro here. And one of the finest, if not THE finest Ciruelo (Las Suertes) so far... 4,100 bottles were filled in December 2021. 96+/100

Mein Winzer

Suertes del Marqués

Suertes del Marqués ist ein kleines und im Grunde noch blutjunges Familienweingut. 2006 begannen sie ihre Weine selbst abzufüllen. Davor haben Sie den Wein als Zulieferer für andere Kellereien geliefert.