Miguel Merino

La Quinta Cruz Mazuelo 2018

pikant & würzig
Mazuelo 100%
12,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2025–2045
Verpackt in: 6er
Tim Atkin: 96/100
Parker: 94/100
Spanien, Rioja und Navarra
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Tim Atkin über: La Quinta Cruz Mazuelo

-- Tim Atkin: Selection was vital in 2018, but the producers who made the right decisions in the vineyard made some superb wines. This stunning Mazuelo is a case in point. All sourced from a single parcel on the Monte Calvario near the River Ebro, it's pale, scented and refined, like a cross between a Barolo and a Burgundy, with notes of red fruits and tobacco, fresh acidity and granular tannins. 96/100


Parker über: La Quinta Cruz Mazuelo

-- Parker: I also tasted the 2018 Mazuelo de la Quinta Cruz, which follows the style of the 2017 with a bright ruby color and a classical, clean and balanced nose that denotes youth. The nose was a bit closed and took time to take off, but the perfumed fruit was noticeable in the palate straight away. It's only 12.5% alcohol, a little lighter and certainly more ethereal than the 2017, but it seems to have developed full flavors through a slow ripening process. This 2018 went through malolactic and 14 months aging in four 500-liter casks and five 225-liter barriques, and the oak is neatly folded into the wine. Transparent is a word that comes to mind. Purity and symmetry. 3,200 bottles were filled in March 2020. 94/100

Weingut über: La Quinta Cruz Mazuelo

-- Weingut: Mazuelo is a fertile, vigorous plant which requires a long-cycle to reach complete ripening. It is also sensitive to many diseases. All this explains why Mazuelo is more adequate to the Mediterranean latitudes than to an Atlantic influenced land as Rioja Alta. Only the extraordinary characteristics of our Quinta Cruz vineyard allow us to make this wine in our town.La Quinta Cruz was planted in 1986 in the Southeast slope of Calvario Hill, in Briones, very close to the Ebro River. It is a steep vineyard of 1.2 ha. with very thin topsoil of sand and gravel, completely covered by round pebbles. All these factors prevent Mazuelo from behaving as it is, fertile and vigorous, and allow us to make a 100% Mazuelo wine in the Atlantic-influenced Rioja Alta region.We harvested 4,400 kgs at La Quinta Cruz in 2018. The grapes were picked by hand on October 13th, and transported in small crates to the sorting table, then fermented in a small stainless-steel tank at a controlled temperature of 24-25oC with very few remontages.Then, the wine went through malolactic fermentation in two 500-litre and six 225-l barrels, all of French oak and all used before. After that, the wine rested in the same barrels for 12 months.3,200 bottles of our La Quinta Cruz 2018, one of the very few Mazuelo wines in Rioja, but also one of the rare single-estate brands in the region.

Mein Winzer

Miguel Merino

Mit nur rund 13 Hektar gehört Miguel Merino zu den kleinsten Bodegas Spaniens. Aufgrund der großen Pflanzabstände in Spanien sind 13 Hektar wirklich klein.