Miguel Merino

La Insula Garnacha 2019



pikant & würzig
Garnacha 100%
14,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2026–2050
Verpackt in: 6er
Lobenberg: 98–100/100
Spanien, Rioja und Navarra
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
La Insula Garnacha 2019


Lobenberg: Uralte, über 100 Jahre alte Grenache, wurzelecht, ungepropft, auf Sand (das mag die Reblaus nicht). Nur 1000 Quadratmeter Buschwein. Bio immer schon. Handarbeit total. Als Ganztraube vorsichtig vergoren und die Minimenge im 500 Liter Holzfass zur Malo und Ausbau, 14 Monate. Es gibt nur dieses eine Fass, 600 Flaschen. Leuchtendes, straglendes helles Rot, hochintensive rote Frucht, extrem fein und delikat. Ein Wunderwerk der Finesse. 98-100/100

Weingut über: La Insula Garnacha

-- Weingut: «La Ínsula» is a tiny little spot planted with Garnacha before th Phylloxera attack of the end of the 19th Century that we have started to work very recently. Here we find ungrafted vines on a sand bank beside the River Ebro and covering just above 1,000 square metres. This sandy soil prevented the vines from becoming affected by philloxera. The grape Garnacha adapts to most climates and soils and provides very different wines. In many places it was planted for its resistance to heath and draught, while in some other parts they grow it for its strength to plagues as oidium. Garnacha behaves in really different ways depending on the soil it stands and on the yield. The grapes of La Ínsula vineyard are incredibly fine thanks to its sandy soil. The harvest was done by hand in small crates to accomplish a total 700 kgs. Fermentation took place in a small stainless steel tank. After fermentation, the wine was racked into a 500-litre oak barrel, where malolactic fermantion developed spontaneously. In total, the wine stayed in oak for 14 months. Bright light red colour. Intense and fresh on the nose. Red fruit, spices, herbs. Elegant and delicate on the palate.

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Miguel Merino

Mit nur rund 13 Hektar gehört Miguel Merino zu den kleinsten Bodegas Spaniens. Aufgrund der großen Pflanzabstände in Spanien sind 13 Hektar wirklich klein.