Ekam Essencia (fruchtsüß)

Castell d'Encus

Ekam Essencia (fruchtsüß) 2018

leicht süss
exotisch & aromatisch
Riesling 100%
10,0% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2021–2032
Verpackt in: 6er
Lobenberg: 94–95/100
Parker: 95/100
Spanien, Costers del Segre
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Parker über: Ekam Essencia (fruchtsüß)

-- Parker: The sweet white 2018 Ekam Essencia was produced with Riesling grapes that in Germany would be classified between Kabinett and Spätlesse, with little botrytis (only 'clean') trying to avoid the kerosene notes. It has 9.76% alcohol, high acidity (nine grams), low pH (2.84!) and some 33 grams of unfermented sugar. With those parameters, the acidity offsets the sugar, and the wine comes through as balanced in a very Germanic way. This is a baby, still closed and shy. It's very subtle and elegant, like a young Fritz Haag, a wine with a purity that is amazing, transparent and crystalline. It's shy, elegant, classical and balanced, with huge aging potential. It was bottled after 10 months in tank with the lees. 1,500 bottles were filled in June 2019. There is no 2019 of this wine, but the 2020, which in the Pyrenees was colder than 2018, will certainly be produced. 95/100

Mein Winzer

Castell d’Encus

Raül Bobet, ebenfalls Winemaker des Priorat-Weingutes Ferrer Bobet, war auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Terroir, um den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels ausweichen zu können. Im Jahr 2001 fand er mit dem ehemaligen Kloster Castell d’Encus auf rund 1.000 Metern Höhe genau den richtigen Ort. [...]

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