Cuvee Constance (fruchtsüß) 2015


Cuvee Constance (fruchtsüß) 2015

Chenin Blanc 100%
weiß, süss
11,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2025–2055
Verpackt in: 6er
leicht süss
exotisch & aromatisch
Lobenberg: 100/100
Winespectator: 99/100
Frankreich, Loire
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Cuvee Constance (fruchtsüß) 2015


Lobenberg: Die Cuvée Constance ist eine absolute Rarität. Dieser Wein wird erst seit 1989 produziert. Es handelt sich um absolut botrytisiertes Lesegut. Es können alle drei Lagen einfließen, manchmal nur eine, je nachdem, wo die vom Edelschimmel befallenen Trauben vorliegen. Der Wein ist nach Gaston Huets Mutter benannt. Quittenbrot, Aprikosenkonfitüre mit Karamell, Safran und Curry. Alles sehr komplex und verwoben. Am Gaumen samtig und auskleidend mit rosinigen Noten. Erinnert an große Tokajer, wie sie kaum noch produziert werden. Für Sammler der allerbesten Süßweine der Welt. 100/100


Winespectator über: Cuvee Constance (fruchtsüß)

-- Winespectator: Stunning from the start, with a silky and refined feel despite the panoply of dried quince, fig, pear and apricot flavors that are exotic in nature. Lovely green tea, orange blossom and persimmon notes fill in the background. Obviously sweet, but with persistent dry almond and orange extract details that lend latent tension through the seamless and nearly endless finish. The first Cuvée Constance bottling since the 2009 vintage. 99/100

Weingut über: Cuvee Constance (fruchtsüß)

--- Weingut: We were pleased with the conditions of 2015. A luminous summer that was hot and dry was punctuated by a rain in mid-August that favored the installation of noble rot. The magic then took effect: eastern winds partnered with generous sunny days concentrated the berries. We were delighted by the return of botrytis. Having essentially disappeared since 1997 (und 1990), botrytis has been an infrequent sight in the vines. Conditions allowed us to make multiple passes (Erntendurchgänge) through the vineyards, and with the help of the meticulous attention of our harvest team, we produced, in limited quantities, our entire range of wines from Pétillant to Cuvée Constance. We harvested from September 21 to October 21. Bottled in April 2016, the wines have begun to unveil their personalities and to express the sublimity of ripe fruit that carves the vintage. The Sec of Le Haut-Lieu and of Le Mont present a robust structure, the Demi-Sec reveal each terroir with elegance and finesse. It is particularly exciting for us to rediscover the expression of botrytis: the Moelleux and Moelleux Première Trie, intense and concentrated, produced predominantly of 'grains nobles', their profiles of minerality and of aromatic complexity remind us of the great vintages of Vouvray's past. Energetic and unctuous, the Cuvée Constance is our jewel of this exquisite vintage. Our memory of 2015 will be carved by Mother Nature's generosity. We look forward to experiencing these cuvées in the coming decades, as each has undoubtedly a long and interesting journey ahead.

Mein Winzer


Die in Vouvray ansässige Domaine Huet zählt zu den ganz großen Kultbetrieben der Loire und Frankreichs. Huet, das ist Chenin Blanc in Reinform. Dieser 35 Hektar kleine Betrieb produzierte einige der größten Weinlegenden Frankreichs.