Alegre Valganon

Carra Sto Domingo 2018


voluminös & kräftig
Garnacha, Viura, Garnacha Blanca, Diverse
14,0% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2023–2040
Verpackt in: 6er
Lobenberg: 97/100
Parker: 95/100
Tim Atkin: 94/100
Spanien, Rioja und Navarra
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Heiner Lobenberg über:
Carra Sto Domingo 2018


Lobenberg: Dichte Grenache mit satter Himbeere, süßer Kirsche und Exotik, Satte Würze von Rappen, Kraft aus uralten Reben, für Greanche sehr dicht. Coll climate und etwas grün, Schiefergestein, viel Biss und Frische. Pinot Noir, Dujac-artig, an Morey St. Denis erinnernd. Erdig, dicht, viel Zug, dominante Kirsche, ungewohnt für Grenache. Die Beigabe weißer Trauben macht aus einem Rioja eine Art Cote Rotie. Ein Stand alone mit Größe, er will nicht everybodys darling sein. Wunderbar anders. 97/100


Parker über: Carra Sto Domingo

-- Parker: The first vineyard they owned took time to recover and has finally produced a red 2018 Carra Sto Domingo, a very old plot planted by Eva Valgañón's grandfather in the 1920s with a field blend of red and white grapes. There are three terraces, where they also have almond, cherry and fig trees ... the concept of a vineyard-vegetable garden from yesteryear, and it is surrounded by a pine forest. They vinified it as a red, but it has 40% white grapes (mostly Viura, but also some Garnacha Blanca, Calagraño, Rojal and others) as well as a mix of reds (mostly Garnacha but also including a little Tempranillo, Miguel del Arco and others). It fermented in an open-top 500-liter oak barrel with some full clusters with indigenous yeasts and aged in a well-seasoned 400-liter barrel, where it matured for 14 months. It has an incredible nose—floral, aromatic and spicy, dominated by Garnacha but with something reminiscent of a Mediterranean Pinot Noir. It's surprisingly structured for a clarete, the tannins are very fine, and it's long, tasty, almost salty, juicy but elegant. Only 520 bottles were filled in December 2019. The wine's name means 'road to Santo Domingo (de la Calzada).' 95/100


Tim Atkin über: Carra Sto Domingo

-- Tim Atkin: Carro Santo Domingo is a 100-year-old vineyard in Fonzaleche that's planted with equal amounts of Garnacha and Viura and used to make light, clarete-style rosados. Now it’s producing this stunning red wine, with some whole bunch spice, fine, savoury red berry fruit, layered tannins and a delicate, refreshing, nuanced wine. 94/100

Mein Winzer

Alegre Valganon

Das Weingut von Oscar Alegre und Eva Valganon liegt in Fonzaleche, einem der Dörfer im nordwestlichsten Teil der Rioja, also schon fast in der Region Burgos.