Chenin Blanc Straw Wine (fruchtsüß) 2016


Chenin Blanc Straw Wine (fruchtsüß) 2016

sehr süss, voll & rund, exotisch & aromatisch
Chenin Blanc 100%%
Lobenberg 96+/100
Parker 97/100
Winespectator 94/100
8,0% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2018 – 2041
Verpackt in: 6er
Südafrika, Swartland
Allergene: Sulfite,


Abfüller / Importeur: Mullineux, PO Box 369, 7307 Riebeek-Kasteel, SÜDAFRIKA

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Lobenberg über:Chenin Blanc Straw Wine (fruchtsüß) 2016


Lobenberg: Hochfarbig, fast braun. Was für ein leckerer Rosinensaft, reine aufgelöste Sultaninen mit feinstem Blütenhonig darunter, hochreife Ananas, Nüsse, Quitte, Papaya, Mango, Rosmarin, Mandarinen und Aprikosen. Dazu Caramelle. 96+/100

Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin über:Chenin Blanc Straw Wine (fruchtsüß) 2016

-- Tim Atkin: Sourced from the Mullineux’ richest Chenin vineyard, this has just the right combination of acidity and sugar for a straw wine, left on mats for three weeks to dry out. The volatile acidity is on the high side, but works in the context of the wine with its rich, figgy, balsamic intensity. 95/100


Parker über:Chenin Blanc Straw Wine (fruchtsüß) 2016


-- Parker: The 2016 Straw Wine was slightly deeper in color compared to the 2015. Because of the drought, the berries were smaller and skins thicker, leading to more concentration, although there is still just 8% alcohol. It has a complex bouquet, perhaps more so than the 2015 with a subtle waxy/resinous note that underlies the honeyed aromas, hints of apricot and marmalade emerging with time. The palate is beautifully balanced with superb tension and vibrancy, the acidity outstanding (it would be piercing were it not for the 366 grams per liter of residual sugar). There is plenty of energy here, an orgiastic straw wine that lacquers on the seductive honeyed notes, with a more phenolic finish than the 2015 that lends the intellectual slant, if you are not totally seduced. This is one of the best straw wines that the Mullineuxs have produced. 97/100


Winespectator über:Chenin Blanc Straw Wine (fruchtsüß) 2016


-- Winespectator: A broad swath of apricot, mango and creamed peach flavors move languidly throughout this ripe, intense sweetie. Chenin Blanc. 94/100

Mein Winzer


Mullineux ist ein kleines Familien-Weingut in der Nähe von Riebeek Kasteel mitten im Swartland. Chris und Andrea Mullineux produzieren handgemachte Weine von überrragender Qualität. Am östlichen Rand des Swartland befindet sich ein grandioses Terroir aus Mulmesburry Schiefer. […]

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