Riesling Baumpresse Im Weingebirge 2012

Nikolaihof: Riesling Baumpresse Im Weingebirge 2012


Zum Winzer

Riesling 100%
weiß, trocken
12,5% Vol.
Trinkreife: 2017–2040
Verpackt in: 12er
frische Säure
Lobenberg: 98/100
Suckling: 97/100
Parker: 96/100
Galloni: 94/100
Österreich, Wachau
Allergene: Sulfite, Abfüllerinformation

Suckling über: Riesling Baumpresse Im Weingebirge

-- Suckling: A fabulously ripe yet delicate apricot nose, then enormous concentration and great balance on the palate with an extremely streamlined, super-long finish. This was pressed with a huge, 350-year-old wooden press, and that doesn't strike me as a gimmick, but rather it has helped the wine to reach this extraordinary harmony. Drink or hold. 97/100


Parker über: Riesling Baumpresse Im Weingebirge

-- Parker: Pressed with the 350-year-old wooden press and aged for 18 months in traditional oak, the intensely citrus-colored 2012 Im Weingebirge Riesling Baumpresse opens with a beautiful nose of deep, elegant and finessed Riesling flavors intermixed with marjoram aromas. What great finesse, elegance and purity! On the palate, this is a full-bodied, rich but pure and elegant, highly finessed and salty Riesling with great complexity, tension and finesse. It has a firm but still filigreed structure and very fine tannins that are intertwined with the perfect fruit ripeness and concentration. A great dry Riesling from the Wachau! 96/100


Galloni über: Riesling Baumpresse Im Weingebirge

-- Galloni: On the nose, this suggests mussels that gorged on algae and were subsequently simmered with fennel, marjoram and black pepper – an umami-rich impression such as causes one to wonder, “How can this come from grapes?” So it isn’t surprising that the silken-textured, buoyant palate delivers mouthwatering mineral and animal savor. But it also introduces welcome Riesling-typical lemon and white peach juiciness. The sense of mystery and of transparency to nuance conveyed on the finish is met by irresistible generosity of fruit. (For much more about this remarkable and unique Nikolaihof bottling – whose vineyard origin is now indicated on the label – consult my review of the corresponding 2011.) 94/100

Mein Winzer


Der Nikolaihof ist zwar das älteste Weingut Österreichs – in der Wachau ist man aber ob des Stils führend, sozusagen die gefragteste Generation. Der 22 Hektar kleine Nikolaihof ist in jedem Sinn speziell und einzigartig. [...]

Riesling Baumpresse Im Weingebirge 2012