Jahrgang 2003 - Rosé - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Champagne Dom Perignon rosé Flaschengärung

Champagne Dom Perignon rosé Flaschengärung

Lobenberg 96

Galloni: Light orange. Heady red berry and citrus fruit aromas are complicated by smoky minerals, potpourri and tarragon. Broad and weighty on the palate, offering intense raspberry and blood orange flavors and a bright mineral overlay. No way that I'd have guessed that this came from a hot vintage like '03. Closes smoky, stony and extremely long, with superb intensity and a late jolt of candied rose. 94/100

-- Parker: What’s more, the price-quality rapport here is excellent by any Champagne standards, and puts that of many a prestige cuvee to shame. Moet’s 2003 Brut Rose Dom Perignon exhibits both richness and robustness reflecting its torrid vintage, yet manages to stint neither on primary juiciness nor transparency to nuance; nor does it come off as at all heavy. Lightly cooked ripe strawberry and fig infused with rose hip, licorice, Ceylon tea, heliotrope and leather inform a delightfully forward nose and lush, effusively fruity palate. A tart and seedy edge to the strawberry serves for invigoration; and lobster shell reduction serves for mouthwatering salinity and somehow downright sweet animal savor. There is a hint of tannin, but it is fine-grained and suggestive of structural support. A long, seductively rich finish manages to harbor not just the immediately aforementioned virtues, but also a sense of transparency to floral and tea-like nuances and to virtually shimmering stoniness. This alluring and distinctive beauty should be worth following for at least the next half dozen years. 94/100

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384,00 €/l

Pinot Noir
Lobenberg 96
Galloni 94
Parker 94
2013 - 2040
12,5% vol.
Verpackt in:
Dom Perignon, Rue de Champagne, Epernay, France


Rosé, Champagne, 1995 Frankreich
Dom Perignon

Champagne Dom Perignon rosé Flaschengärung

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Lobenberg 96+
Parker 95+

Rosé, Champagne, 1996 Frankreich
Dom Perignon

Champagne Dom Perignon rosé Flaschengärung

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Inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

Lobenberg 98
Galloni 97

Mein Winzer

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon gilt als "Erfinder" des Champagners. Als er diesen legendären Stoff per Zufall in der Flasche fand und trank, sprach er die berüchtigten Worte: "Ich trinke Sterne". […]

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