Jahrgang 2016 - Weißwein - Riesling 100%

Riesling Brauneberger Mandelgraben Eiswein Goldene Kapsel (fruchtsüß)

Riesling Brauneberger Mandelgraben Eiswein Goldene Kapsel (fruchtsüß)

Lobenberg 99

Lobenberg: Eiswein ist ob der hohen Säure so eine ganz andere Species als Auslesen. Keine Edelfäule, nur gesunde Beeren, gefroren im beginnenden Winter. Ich wußte garnicht, dass Molitor so einen berauschend intensiv pikanten Stoff auch kann. Chapeau! 98-99/100

-- Galloni: This represents the second half of juice pressed from a late November picking. Apple jelly, quince preserves and glazed pineapple are laced with marzipan and caramel on an effusive nose and a viscous, glycerol-rich palate. This wine’s acidity doesn’t show up as brightness, but it is clearly efficacious, since a boatload of residual sugar is kept in check, and the prodigious finish comes off as soothing, multilayered, and transparent to hints of brown spices and candied lime peel that add welcome counterpoint. “I used to employ folio more often to protect the fruit while hoping for Eiswein,” noted Molitor, “but I’m not keen on that anymore because it traps humidity and creates a hothouse-like atmosphere.” Certainly the absence here of any fungal notes or diffusion is notable, not to mention laudable. 93/100

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Riesling 100%
Lobenberg 98-99
Galloni 93
2018 - 2100
6,5% vol.
Verpackt in:
Markus Molitor, Haus Klosterberg, 54470 Bernkastel-Wehlen, DEUTSCHLAND

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