Jahrgang 2011 - Rotwein - Corvina 60%, Rondinella 20%, Croatina 10%, Osoletta 10%

Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella Amarone della Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella

Lobenberg 98

Lobenberg: Romano Dal Forno ist der penibelste lebende Winzer. Sein Keller wird geradezu manisch clean gehalten. Das Produkt, hier der Amarone, ist nicht von dieser Welt. Dieser Wein befindet sich auf einem völlig anderen Level, als das was man unter Rotwein oder gar Amarone versteht. Die Präzision ist blaupausengleich. Mit jedem Schluck offenbart sich der Wein aufs Neue. Permanent ist alles in Bewegung, alles ändert sich. Der Wein bleibt aber immer er selbst. Voller unbändiger Frucht und Kraft, wahnsinnig frisch in seiner tollen Säure, rassige Frucht, aber alles umhüllt mit diesem ungeheuer weichen und fetten Tannin. Vorsicht! Reichlich Gänsehaut und feuchte Augen gibt es auch noch dazu! 97-98/100

-- Parker: The 2011 Amarone della Valpolicella Monte Lodoletta is another extreme wine from Romano Dal Forno and his family. It is almost impossible to wrap your head around the intensity and richness that is so expertly delivered by this monumental wine. The bouquet is sweet and heavy with luscious tones of black fruit, prune, dried rose bud, cherry liqueur, spice and tarry asphalt. The wine oozes forth with impactful thickness and generosity. Rather than a companion to a meal, this wine is a meal in itself. It goes over and beyond traditional Amarone. This was a hot vintage, but the brunt of the heat came towards the middle/end of the growing season, followed by cooler temperatures at harvest. 96/100

-- Galloni: Fully saturated ruby. Very deep, intense aromas of blackcurrant, plums macerated in alcohol, soy sauce, coffee and underbrush on the complex nose. Rich, dense and balanced, with nicely focused flavors of dark berries and aromatic herbs that have a noteworthy savory tang. The long finish features repeating hints of soy sauce, espresso and underbrush. Dal Forno’s is the recognized master of a uniquely powerful, ripe, and concentrated style of Amarone. 95+/100

-- Suckling: Very dark fruits on the nose with hints of bark and dried flowers. Full body, soft and silky tannins with a chewy finish. Loads of dark chocolate and berry. Flavorful and balanced. Drink now. 95/100

-- Winespectator: Sweet smoke, Asian five spice and cacao accents mix with crème de cassis, cured tobacco and anise notes in this seamless, fullbodied red. A dense and concentrated version, with the long, savory finish firmed by supple, well-knit tannins. 95/100

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358,67 €/l

Corvina 60%
Rondinella 20%
Croatina 10%
Osoletta 10%
Lobenberg 97-98
Parker 96
Galloni 95+
Suckling 95
Winespectator 95
2021 - 2045
17,0% vol.
Verpackt in:
Romano Dal Forno, Loc. Lodoletta, 1, 37031 Cellore d'Illasi (vr), ITALIEN


Rotwein, Venetien, 2012 Italien
Romano Dal Forno

Amarone della Valpolicella

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Inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

Lobenberg 97-98
Suckling 97
Falstaff 96

Mein Winzer

Romano Dal Forno

Seit vielen Jahren zählt Romano Dal Forno nun zu den besten Weinerzeugern der Welt und besitzt überall Kultstatus. Es gibt mit Allegrini und Tedeschi sehr trinkbare, fruchtige Amarone von hoher Klasse. […]

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